Echo Ravine

Echo Ravine is one of the most picturesque short routes in Golden Gate Highlands National Park. Starting at the Glen Reenen Rest Camp the gentle, marked route moves upward into a spectacular ravine. Near the ravine itself, the main path tends to split into many sub-paths; most go to the same place but some just lead to dead-ends. It is probably best to stick to the most well-worn path.

It should take 25 minutes to reach the ravine, where erosion has created a cavern between two cliffs that nearly meet 10-15 m above. During the rainy season (October – March) water trickles from the overhanging cliffs to create an eerie atmosphere in the cool and shady hollow. The whole back-and-forth route is only 1.8 km so it is a great little walk that can be incorporated with hike to Brandwag Buttress or Wodehouse Peak.


Echo Ravine

Echo Ravine

5 thoughts on “Echo Ravine

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  3. Great walk. We took 6 teenagers. They enjoyed every moment. Spectacular rock formation. Last part were well shaded. Very nice and cool at the top. Exelent picnic spot. Will next time combine it with Mushroom Rock.

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