Conservation Comics: Part 1


I have been struggling with writer’s block lately so I thought I’d try something different. Inspired by Andy Warhol – and armed with Photoshop – I decided to tell some conservation stories while simultaneously being a bit creative.

Ten years ago, I visited a fishing village the Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda. To my surprise, an adolescent elephant strolled straight through the middle of the village; a few feet from the small children playing outside. The locals just carried on as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. To them, an elephant didn’t qualify as something out of the ordinary. It was just a normal Tuesday.

Have the rest of us become detached from nature?

While it’s unlikely that an elephant in the front yard will ever be normal to most of us, surely we could try to experience wild nature more often? Maybe feeling part of nature is the first step to conserving it?

(Here is the original image if anyone is interested. Sorry for the poor quality, it was still taken with a film camera and this is only a scanned version)


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